Whether indoors or out, the introduction of a water element has an immediately positive and tangible effect on the environment. Our senses are both awakened and soothed simultaneously. The sound of falling water has long been recognized, in ancient times, as an essential part of the human environment and its architecture. We as human beings have a strong, elemental attraction to water, perhaps because 60% of our bodies are water. Simply, water is life. And through the introduction of a water feature, we get to experience the healing aspect of water as well - we delight in the tranquil sound of falling water-calming the spirit and soothing the soul.

I welcome you to my site, where you will find a variety of beautiful, unique, handcrafted water art. I am continually expanding my range of materials, so stay tuned for additional compelling works incorporating stainless steel and stainless steel screen as well.

My pieces are equally suited for interior or exterior use, for any application you might desire.

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