Original Design & Fabrication

Installation/Execution Of Your Design

Design Consultation/Collaboration

Maintenance & Repair

I am passionate about my work in this wonderful field. I care deeply that each and every piece that I execute is visually compelling, well-crafted, and with proper maintenance, looks and gives the same pleasure years after its original creation. As such, I am flexible in my approach in creating new water pieces. So whether you desire an original design of my own, or if you are in the design field and would prefer a collaborative approach, or simply need an experienced professional to execute your design, all are possible and available here.

An extremely important aspect of water feature ownership, and often overlooked, is regular maintenance. This service is provided in house in order that you are always afforded the maximum pleasure of your water feature. So whether you have an original piece of mine, an Eric Orr Water Sculpture, or any other existing water element, I can provide all of the expert maintenance and repair services that you might require.

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